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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only

Why Schools use MathsBudddy?

MathsBuddy has proved to teachers, children, parents and other organisations that its approach works because

  • Maths is presented as enjoyable and worthwhile, thereby removing that ‘dry’ approach that too many encounter in schools and other educational establishments.
  • It provides learners with a very strong visual image of each mathematical concept which gives them an understanding of what the topic is about.  This conceptual approach has the automatic effect of raising their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Once they begin to realise that they can do maths, learners are more willing to try other activities (mathematical and otherwise) realising that if the work can be presented in a meaningful way they will be able to tackle it effectively.
  • The use of games provides lots of enjoyment whilst also ensuring that the children commit the essential facts to their long term memory.
  • Teachers, assistants and learning support staff realise that this approach enables them to see where learners are experiencing difficulties.  This on-going diagnostic assessment allows the teacher to address learning problems as they arrive rather than waiting for summative tests when it may be too late to rectify misunderstandings.
  • Teachers have less marking to do which gives them the time to plan for more effective maths teaching.

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