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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only


MathsBuddy classes offer you the opportunity of having your child learn in the most effective way. By selecting and using the materials that are most suited to your child, his/her confidence in their own ability increases very quickly as they begin to grasp what each mathematical concept is about. Any fear they have of maths is removed and once your child feels comfortable and relaxed, (s)he will automatically begin to learn and work better. Fun is a major feature of the classes as children learn more effectively when they are relaxed and enjoying the work. All of the work will be in line with the Northern Ireland Maths Curriculum and will continually challenge and encourage your child to constantly improve.

You have two options in relation to MathsBuddy tutoring:

One-To-One Sessions
If your child is really lacking in confidence and falling behind in class, these one-to-one sessions may be the fastest and most effective way to get your child back on track. You are invited to stay with your child so that I can show you were your child is having the difficulty as we progress through the specially selected activities. This then allows you to decide if you want to work with your child at home or if you want to send him/her to MathsBuddy for one or more sessions.

All of the activities are of a very practical nature and many are in the form of games. Your child will not realise that he/she is being tested because of the perceived fun element. MathsBuddy uses this format of testing as we have found that it produces the most accurate diagnostic assessment. It is your child’s verbal and non-verbal responses that give many of the clues as to where they are having difficulties and what needs to be done to remove them. Once the difficulty has been established, MathsBuddy can put an effective programme in place to improve your child’s understanding, confidence and maths results.

Duration: 1 hour as you request
Days: Tuesday – Friday after school; Term time only
Venue: MathsBuddy premises in Newry

Should you wish to discuss this option further, contact Colette

Booster Sessions
The booster sessions will suit your child if they are able to work with other children of a similar ability, whether high, low or average ability. There will be a minimum of two children in each group and a maximum of five. The scheme runs in line with each school term. The whole maths curriculum will be covered over the school year and great emphasis will be placed on developing your child’s thinking skills through practical problem solving activities, written problems and mental maths activities. The starting point for each group will always be determined by the children within the group. They will be taught to identify their strengths and to notice where they are encountering a problem. Children will be required to work positively with others and to help each other out, where necessary.

Booster sessions are based upon the very successful Summer Schemes where children come along to enjoy and learn about maths in a practical way. All of the work complements the teaching done in school and gives your child that much needed thinking time to fully understand each mathematical area. Within a very short period of time, you will see your child’s attitude towards maths change for the better as well as how they cope with the work in school.

To ensure that your child gets the most from these classes, tell Colette if there is anything that is causing a problem in maths lessons so that this can be incorporated into the programme (providing that the children are ready for it).

Duration: 1 hour / week for a school term
Days: : Tuesday – Friday after school; Term time only
Venue: MathsBuddy premises in Newry

Should you wish to discuss this option further, contact Colette

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