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Summer Schemes

During July and August, MathsBuddy holds week long summer schemes where your child can attend for two hours a day, either morning or afternoon. While this does sound horrendous, the children love them because they really get a chance to explore and understand the maths they have been working on the previous year.

The bonus of the two hour session is that your child gets more time to ‘play’ the longer, more challenging games which are less suitable for the one hour slots. The topics covered are geared towards your child’s needs so groups are formed on that basis. There will be a maximum of five within a group.

Duration: 2 hours / day (either 10 – 12 noon or 2 – 4pm) for 5 consecutive weekdays Days: July & August Venue: MathsBuddy premises in Newry

Should you wish to discuss this option further, contact Colette

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