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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only

Key resources

There are certain materials that MathsBuddy suggests parents should have at home to help with homework.  These include:

Base 10 materials are excellent for working with:

  • Whole Numbers: Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Units
  • Decimals: establishing the relationship between Tens, Units, tenths and hundredths.  

Maths Dictionary:

For those times when you need to check up on a definition.

Ruler, flexible tape measure, kitchen scales, weighing scales, measuring jugs:

Measures is a major element of the maths curriculum as well as being a real-life skill.  However, many children and students are just not used to using them and fail on questions that could be so easy to get right with just a little bit of more focussed direction!


If your child is only beginning to learn about time, concentrate on the analogue clock face rather than on the digital time.  MathsBuddy recommends the small geared teaching clock as the hands operate through a geared mechanism and is very clear and easy to use.

The number of children who are having problems telling time seems to be increasing quite dramatically.  MathsBuddy is convinced that this is due to children having to use both digital and analogue time.  Unfortunately, they are not as familiar with the analogue clock as in the past.  If you think about it, you will realise that it is the analogue clock that actually teaches them about reading time as well as the passage of time.  Concentrate on this and you will see the difference.

Variety of dice:

Make sums much more interesting by using dice.  Learners do not see this as being maths work but are gaining the benefits of becoming more comfortable with numbers.  There is a whole variety available so choose those that will stretch your child’s understanding a little!


Many people are unaware of the role games can play in helping children remember ‘the four rules’ and other maths facts.  Games give all the practice required in an enjoyable way which removes all the boredom children experience with the typical pages of sums in workbooks.  There are loads to choose from and MathsBuddy has selected the best: tried and approved by MathsBuddy learners.


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