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Diagnostic Tests

MathsBuddy creates diagnostics tests for schools who want to see where children are having specific difficulties and want to raise maths standards. If your school has noticed that the children are not performing as well as they should, contact Colette to find out more about tailor made diagnostic tests and remediation activities.

Comments from principals, maths co-ordinators and class teachers:

'This is the most informative maths test I have used.  It let me see what the children could do, where they were having difficulties and what we needed to do if we were going to see any real meaningful progress.'

'We used the tests to establish a baseline for the children in September.  Unlike other maths tests, it was very specific and totally concentrated on one mathematical area rather than covering too many different aspects.  It was easy to see how each test fitted into the Department's expectations.  Once the testing was completed, we used the results to plan a remediation programme for those who were falling behind.  I'm delighted to say that great progress has been made and we will be using the tests again.'

'Colette carried out the tests with my class.  I stayed in and was shocked at how little some of the children knew.  Those I thought were very good, lacked the confidence I thought they had. It made me realise that I needed to take a step back.'

'These tests take time but I have to say it was the best time I have spent on testing because I learned so much about each child and how I could help them have a better understanding of Maths.'

'As a principal, I want to be able to check up on children that I am worried about.  These maths tests allowed me the flexibility to test as many or as few children as I needed and at a time that suited me.'

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