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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only

Benefits of using MathsBuddy

  • Teachers, assistants and learning support staff will be shown a variety of materials that MathsBuddy uses to help give children a better understanding of each mathematical area.
  • The teachers, assistants and learning support staff have the opportunity to assess the methods and materials that make such a positive difference to learners.
  • The emphasis will be on practical work and children becoming comfortable with using mathematical language.
  • Once the MathsBuddy principles are used within the classroom, teachers and learning support staff will be in a better position to assess children and see what the next step in teaching should be rather than being led by the published scheme.
  • The staff will notice that the children are much more interested in learning as maths teaching is more interactive and meaningful.
  • Children have greatly increased self-esteem when they realise that they can learn and do maths.
  • Children perform much better in tests.
  • Children actually begin to see maths as an enjoyable subject that they want to work at.
  • The MathsBuddy methods cater for the different learning styles rather than just auditory learners.

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