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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only


I am truly delighted that we proceeded with the MathsBuddy INSET and can see endless implications emerging for further development of maths. This is very much the beginning of a long process for us but thanks to you I have clear directions for where I am hoping to lead our school community.  It was a privilege to have you work with us and I thank you wholeheartedly for your effort. Working with Parents and Teachers;
Principal, Newry Primary School

Very much enjoyed having you in school and hope we are able to meet up at some point in the future.  The children loved the games. (Fun Maths Activities for the Whole School)

Principal, Belfast School

Colette – lovely to see you today and to gain so much from your expertise – as always.  No doubt the place will be a hive of industry for Mental Maths. (Staff In-service Training)

Principal, Co. Tyrone Primary School

Can we book you to come in every week? (Discussion after in-class support)

Principal, Belfast School

We wished to introduce our parents to a range of high quality maths games appropriately levelled for P1, 2, 3 & 4 pupils. The games represented the following components of the foundation and Key Stage 1 Maths curriculum: Number, Money, Time and Shape and space. We realised that at this time of year parents are buying Christmas gifts for their children but often they are inappropriate for the child’s ability level. These classes addressed this problem very well and all present had a much clearer sense of the types of games appropriate for helping their daughter with maths. The programme fitted well with the teaching approaches being used as part of the revised curriculum. Practical maths is a key element in P1 to P4 and it is one that parents do not fully understand. They continue to see the predominant value in the written tasks which happen only towards the end of the week when all the practical work has been completed. These parenting classes which Colette and our teachers had planned together afforded a context for explaining clearly the value of practical approaches, in this instance, games. Parental evaluations indicate that the message was received well. This was a wonderful project and Colette Delargy, as always, was knowledgeable, professional and extremely approachable. We thank St Mary’s for facilitating the parenting classes.

Newry, Primary School Principal involved in the Specialist Maths School’s Provision

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