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KS2 MathsBuddy Students Only


We sent J. to MathsBuddy to increase her concentration before starting big school in September.  We were very happy with the results as J. enjoyed the activities which helped consolidate her skills.  We chose MathsBuddy over other tutoring facilities because it would be more appealing to J. who has great difficulty with ‘dry maths’.  Parent

C. truly enjoyed MathsBuddy.  She looked at MathsBuddy as a fun place to go and enjoyed the company of Colette.  For the first time in a long time she enjoyed counting and using maths.  It was good to see this from a child who constantly shies away from maths in everyday situations.  Parent

We sent E. to MathsBuddy to increase his understanding of maths and to reduce his fear of the subject.  MathsBuddy helped stimulate his interest and gave him a positive experience of maths.  It seemed age appropriate and tailored to suit his ability. MathsBuddy was good fun, non-threatening: E. was able to learn in a relaxed environment.  Parent

I wanted E. to overcome her negative attitude towards maths.  I am delighted with the results as I feel that she has gained confidence within herself.  I felt that MathsBuddy would be more beneficial to her because it is a more fun way for her to learn through play and visualisation.  MathsBuddy is an excellent way of getting children interested in maths.  Parent

A. has progressed so well and now has the basics, which a lot of children don’t understand.  Parent

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