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General Questions

What age groups does MathsBuddy cater for?

Classes range from primary through to GCSE.  ‘A’ level work can also be catered for on a 1 to 1 basis.

What happens during a typical lesson for primary age children?

We always start with a mental maths game in the form of Snap or with dice and cards.  This helps the children’s brain relax, gets them to focus on doing maths and helps remove any fear they may have of maths.  Children are encouraged to say if they are having particular problems with the maths they are doing in school and the class will look at this, if in line with the legislation.

Are their times when you will not cover the work they are doing in class?

Yes.  If the work is too difficult for your child, MathsBuddy will need to start at a lower level in order to ensure your child has a very sound grasp of the basics.  Think of it like a building: if strong foundations are not in place, you cannot rely on the rest of the structure being strong and reliable.   

Do you tutor GCSE?

Yes.  We offer all levels from Key Stage 3 up to A Level.  This is done in small groups to ensure that each student gets the support they require. 

Do you help with exam techniques?

Exam technique is a crucial aspect and this is covered both in the summer schools and the Key Stage 3/4 classes.

Do you spend time on computers?

To ensure your child gets the most from the hour, MathsBuddy focuses on teaching your child using the appropriate practical materials.  However, there are some activities that are more effectively taught using the computer such as Handling Data and we use it for this.

How does MathsBuddy view the use of computers in teaching Maths?

Computers are excellent as a source of reinforcement but they do not actually teach a child as effectively as a good teacher can.  Also, because children love working on computers at home, MathsBuddy has negotiated access to an excellent Key Stage 2 programme that is freely available to those children attending MathsBuddy on a regular basis.

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