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1 to 1 Tuition

Do you work with children on a 1 to 1 basis?

Yes.  The 1 to 1 classes are for children who learn better by themselves.  This could be because they are very weak at maths, not yet confident enough to work with other children or possibly because they are so far ahead of their peers that they would progress much further with individual tuition.

How often does a child have to come for the 1 to 1 classes?

These are booked on a one-off basis and last for 1 hour.  Some parents like to reserve one lesson a week for several weeks to give their child/student a very good boost.  Others book in on a fortnightly basis or as and when it suits their child’s needs. Whichever method is chosen, parents and children/students tend to see the difference very quickly and many say that the class teacher has noticed a vast improvement.

Can the children move to a booster group once their confidence increases?

Absolutely: if there is a group that matches your child’s personality and ability.  As the ultimate aim is to increase your child’s confidence and achievement, matching the personalities of the children alongside streaming are crucial factors that are taken into consideration.

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