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In 2005, Colette set up a centre for children who were falling behind in maths, whether because they were failing in school or they were lacking confidence in their own ability.  The responses were wonderful and children began to see that they could do maths when it is presented to them in a way that suits their learning style.When the right materials and methods are used, everyone starts to see good results: students' confidence increases and this leads to higher grades and a desire to do more challenging work!   


Classes are offered to primary and post-primary students during term time as well as during the very successful and popular week long Summer Schools.

Colette also works with the Education Authority and fostering associations to provide advice to parents on how to work with, and support, their children at home.  She has also developed the MathsBuddy multiplication snap games and a Key Stage 1 mental maths workbook that focus on essential core areas:

  • 50 Grid Activities for Kids
  • Maths Extreme: mental maths and place value
  • 2s & 4s Times Tables Snap
  • 3s & 6s Times Tables Snap
  • 4s & 8s Times Tables Snap
  • 5s & 10s Times Tables Snap



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50 grid activities

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